Best Marketing Ads for Dropshipping

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Discover the Secret to Creating Dropshipping Ads That Get Results

After opening your dropshipping store and stocking it with winning products, the next step is to make sure your potential customers can see your products and buy from you.

Marketing ads are how you get people to see your products, and motivate them to buy specifically from you. Think of it as how you make sure your dropshipping store and its products don’t get lost in the sea of so many other stores.

But marketing ads aren’t cheap. You want to choose a platform that will give you the best results without breaking the bank. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best dropshipping marketing ads and how to leverage them in your dropshipping business.

What Are the Best Marketing Ads for Dropshipping Products?

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There are so many platforms where you can market your dropshipping products- Google Ads, Paid Social e.g. Facebook, Twitter (Now X), Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and others.

However, all of these platforms charge you for marketing your products on their platform. Naturally, you want to choose a platform that gets you the best value for your money.

Breaking News…Actually, all Platforms Work for Dropshipping🙃

Any platform can bring you tangible returns on your ads, however, not all platforms work for every product. There’s a specific audience for every product, and this audience is on a specific platform.

What you need to do is find a strategy that helps you identify the best platform for your dropshipping products.

Common Examples of Dropshipping Products and the Best Marketing Ads for Them

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Facebook Ads- Facebook has a smart algorithm that allows you to break into really niche markets. It’s a great choice if you are looking to sell products specifically tailored to a particular target audience. For example, you are selling dental care products for seniors between 70–85 years living in remote locations in the US.

Instagram Ads- Instagram also has a smart algorithm, however, the majority of Instagram users use it for inspiration. So, when using Instagram ads focus on trending aesthetically pleasing products.

TikTok Ads- the TikTok algorithm recommends content to its users based on their previous interactions not necessarily age, gender, or even location. So, if you want to promote your dropshipping products on TikTok, go for products with a wide target audience, for example, beauty products for women, fitness bands, etc.

Google Ads- Google Ads works for trending products people are curious about and have decided to explore more information about it on Google. They’ve probably seen a lot of promotions around it on social media and Google, so they decided to search for it. For example, minimalistic wall decor.

YouTube Videos- Most people go to YouTube to search for practical information about things. So, if you have products that are a bit complex (e.g. a detachable bookshelf that needs coupling), you can draw customers to your dropshipping store by making educational videos about them.

What to Avoid When Running Marketing Ads for Your Dropshipping Products

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The following are common mistakes newbies and sometimes even experienced drop shippers make when trying to market their products:

  • Highly Competitive Markets

If you’ve noticed that most drop shippers run ads for a particular product, it’s an indicator that there’s high demand for that product. Instead of charging head-on into an oversaturated market, where you’ll have to drastically reduce your profit margins by offering the lowest price possible, you could opt for a different target market.

For example, rather than marketing a trending iPhone 14 case to a Millennial audience in the UK. You could market the same phone case to Gen Zs in the US.

You could also use the trendhijacking model to ethically steal customers from big brands and get ahead of the competition by making sure customers see you when they search for specific products.

  • Expensive Platforms

Running ads on some platforms are way more expensive than others. Rather than spending a ton of money on ads with expensive platforms, use cheaper ad platforms and complement it with organic customer engagement strategies e.g. posting engaging and creative content around your store and products.

The Winning Strategy for Dropshipping Ads — Trendhijacking

Trendhijacking is a marketing strategy that focuses on promoting dropshipping products that are in high demand to the right target market. It works by finding products that people are constantly searching for on social media and search engines, and ranking your store as the top source for them.

For example, let’s say a particular brand of Korean snail mucin face mask is trending on almost all social media platforms, and you have identified the product as a potential best-seller. Instead of trying to beat out other drop shippers on social media, the trendhijacking model uses Google Ads to make your dropshipping store show up at the top of the search results when people search for that specific face mask.

See How the Trendhijacking Model Works⏬

FAQs about Dropshipping Ads

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What Is the Best Ad for Dropshipping?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dropshipping advertising. You create the best ad for your dropshipping products by identifying the platform your target audience is and marketing to them there.

How Do I Promote My Dropshipping?

There’s no single “way” to promote your products. It all depends on the type of product you have and the target audience for it.

You have to know who needs your products, the platforms they use, and the keywords they use when searching for the product. This will make sure your actual target audience is the ones who see your products, making your marketing efforts way more effective.

You can also check out the Trend Hijacking strategy to help you effortlessly identify the target market and platform for your products.

How Do I Create a Good Dropshipping Ad

Creating a good dropshipping ad starts with understanding the product and the ideal target audience for it. This will help you tailor your ads to people who want or need your products, allowing you to get great ROI on your ad spend.

The Bottom Line

Marketing ads can get your dropshipping products to the right audience and skyrocket your sales. However, that only happens when you are doing it right.

One of the most effective methods to create effective ad campaigns for your dropshipping products is the Trendhijacking model. It not only helps you figure out where your target audience is, but it also helps you become the top choice for them.

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